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Corporate Social Responsibility Policies In Emirates Airlines

02 August 2014 By In Blogs

Corporate Social Responsibility


The commonly used Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies in Emirates Airlines include emiratization and philanthropy. Nevertheless, employee safety, health and environmental concerns have also gained the concern. Companies that are local focus more on corporate emiratization and philanthropy i.e. bringing together all the nations under one labor umbrella.


Role of HR department in the implementation of policies related to CSR

With the growth of the importance of CSR in most of the companies, professionals have played a principal role in the initiation, development of sustainable CSR activities within the organization. Even though, some companies have separated the executives concerned with coordination of CSR activities and events from HR, employees and hr officers are still required to invest most of their time and efforts in participating in such related activities. Employees in the corporate world today are typically required to work for 8 hours or more and are also required to multitask in their work (Banerjee, 2007).

 It is a challenge to an organization in implementing CSR policies. Professionals are charged with indispensable roles in the creation of a strong culture aligned with core values of the company, fostering issues that are sensitive to the culture of the community, ensuring that every employee is engaged in activities of the community and carrying out environmental assessment to identify anything that is a threat to the community. HR professionals are tasked to coordinate and demonstrate a company’s commitment to CSR activities

Human Resource (HR) department has a greatest role to play in the adoption of CSR programs. In addition, the department can manage and monitor the implementation of CSR plans and also celebrates the success throughout the organization. Human resource technology together with CSR program can benefit the entire planet by use of the following approaches:  Promotion and implementation of practices that is green in nature and also fostering the culture of social responsibility in the society. Furthermore, it celebrates the successes attained through implementation of CSR policies and constantly communicating the importance of social responsibility to its employees and the community at large (Banerjee, 2007)

Company’s role in dealing with downsizing

Given the changing demands in the market place, most companies struggle to remain relevant in the market place, downsizing its employment. Owing to the depth and speed of economic downfall that was realized in 2007, most companies have recorded a drop in their sales and revenue. The drops mostly affect those businesses that operate in single-line businesses because these declines in revenues cannot be compensated by other business lines. This has resulted to most businesses reconsidering to downsizing their labor force (Banerjee, 2007)

The issue of downsizing can also be seen as part of the workforce strategy made to fit the overall business strategy. Layoff of employees is one of the tools among other portfolios of improving the performance of the business. Top management has seen this as a chance of enhancing both short and long term goals by use of a well targeted and planned coaching and coming up with interventions of managing the careers within the organization (Mallin,  2009).

Emirate Airlines, a company with most of its labor force changed in recent years, made 20% lay off during adverse economic times in 2001. In 2008, there was downsizing of employment as the last resort after other alternatives were deployed. This approach was still aligned with the company’s internal talent management strategy instead of sourcing from outside labor market. This includes;

a)      Principles of downsizing

b)      The company has several strategies when downsizing:

c)      Frequent communication with the workforce

This helps in directing the skills and energy of the employees in delivering the services that allow the organization achieve its goals and objectives. There is the use of face-face communication that has created trust within the organization. There is the use of a partnership model where all people are treated with fairness and their needs are valued. In this model, there is the collaboration between the employees and management.


There is talent development, management and retention. This has ensured that there is retention of talent which is a source of strength during hard economic times and also increases the effectiveness of the labor force (Banerjee 2007). Job redesigning has been used to enhance productivity and efficiency. Configuring of work assigned to employees enhances effectiveness, giving opportunities of accomplishing new challenges. The company also considers alternative ways of lying off and tries to reduce the adverse results of downsizing that may be caused to employees. This aims at cutting down the cost without losing the talent or demoralizing the workforce.


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