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Leadership and Integrity

27 August 2014 By In Blogs

 Integrity is an element of an extraordinary leader. It is a notion of consistency of accomplishments, values, procedures, plans, principles, belief, and outcomes. It is a dedication to do things generally acceptable for the good reason, notwithstanding the prevailing circumstances. Leadership on the other hand is the potentiality and the will to unite people to a common goal and the integrity, which motivates confidence.Integrity is associated with righteousness, trustworthiness, as well as tolerance. It is a measure of ethical values and characters.


Qualities of Leadership

A leader has integrity when he or she has the following attributes that within him or her.

Continuous Individual Growth

Leaders with integrity are continuously in steady learning system and in most cases try to enquire about things that they do not know as opposed to those who will see something new and ignore. They are truthful to themselves and always willing to seek advice and direction whenever they encounter their worst areas. They are continuously developing as leaders.


Leaders with integrity always keep their promises. In cases whereby they are not able to meet the deadlines, they usually communicate in advance and more so regularly with the stakeholders until they accomplish the targets.


Reliable leaders have a likelihood of attracting more clients because the people they serve have faith in them and are sure that they would accomplish their part of the bargain under any circumstance. They solve difficult situations and issues by use of win-win point of view and this makes both parties feel honored.


High integrity leaders are always prepared personally to take blame, responsibility and all of its consequences in difficult circumstances (Missy and Merickel, 72). The leaders are always ready to take action to correct the situations and have frequent communication with the people concerned until the completion of the job in question.


Leaders of high integrity always consider time to be something of great importance. They would always respond to enquiries, concerns as fast as possible or they would notify, or advice the concerned party the exact time they can get back to them on their issues.

Doing the right thing

High integrity leaders have ideas that seem respected by different people all round. They are able to convince their audience and stakeholders that their decisions or contributions to a given course are worth. They posses considerably high personal standards and would not want to be seen as failures by the stakeholders and others around them.


Leaders of high integrity in most cases respect their seniors, juniors as well as their clients and all those around them. This involves respecting and acknowledging their moral values and believes. It also involves acknowledging and nurturing the skills of others. Due to this, they are also in most cases given the respect that they deserve since they do not look down upon anyone within their jurisdiction.


Leaders of high integrity always care about their staff by finding out how they are doing. They organize frequent meetings with their staff to discuss their progress in service delivery. They also interact with their juniors and share their problems and concerns openly. They also give a chance to the employees to air their views or displeasures that would he or she would take into account when he is making some decisions in the future.


The leaders regularly ensure that activities they take part in are public and open for anyone to scrutinize. This means that they are always free for audit at anytime. They manifest openness with regard to facts, finances and other dealings.









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