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Lieutenants Smits and Miles

18 September 2014 By In Blogs

The case is about two sergeants i.e. Miles and Smits who had been promoted to lieutenant position. After six months, captain Proctor William conducted a job evaluation and found out that Lieutenant Smits was very competent and effective in his new job. On the other hand, Lieutenant Miles was not competent enough to carry out his new roles. Therefore, Captain Proctor ought to figure out aspects that will help Miles to improve his job as a Lieutenant (More, 37).

Responsibilities of Captain William Proctor in the stated case

Captain Proctor ought to conduct a performance appraisal so as to know and rate the performance of employees. The performance appraisal enables employees know their expectation in the organization. After sergeants Miles and Smits had been promoted to lieutenants, Captain Proctor conducted a job appraisal so as to know their performance. The results of the review showed that Lt. Smits did an outstanding job, whereas Lt. Miles had not yet adjusted to his new position. Captain Proctor has the responsibility of advising employees on the aspects expected of them. In this case, Captain Proctor should inform Miles to fulfill the expected departmental objectives through officers and supervisors. This can only be achieved if Miles sticks to his managerial duties (More, 37).

 .Ways in which Captain Proctor can analyze the performance of Lt. Miles

Captain Proctor can analyze Lt. Miles job performance through setting performance goals and expectations. Lt. Miles will works towards the set goals and standards. After setting performance expectation, Captain Proctor ought to monitor assignments carried out by Lt. Miles and give him feedbacks regarding his performance. In this case, Lt. Mile’s performance is compared with the set standards and elements, and given a rating, which range from poor to exceptional performance. After monitoring, Captain Proctor ought to assess and tackle Lt. Mile’s needs. In this case, Proctor ought to enhance Mile’s skills through training, mentorship or giving him tasks that can introduce new abilities (More, 37).  

Training and mentorship are essential to Lt. Miles because they can enhance his job- related competencies, encourage outstanding performance and help him to keep up with alterations introduced at work place. For instance, after being promoted to lieutenant, Miles was supposed to be trained so as to know how to deal effectively with his sub-ordinates.

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