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The Most Important Scientific Discovery by Mankind

18 September 2014 By In Blogs

According to Blackwell (1969), scientific discovery is the product of successful scientific investigation. Objects of discovery can be processes, things, properties, events as well as theories and hypothesis together with their features. Most scientific discoveries place much emphasis on the creation of new hypotheses, which offer explanations of the given sets of data or give room for the derivation of testable results. Electronic computer is an example of an essential scientific discovery in the modern era. Computers have significantly changed the life of people since most individuals cannot survive without them. Most individuals utilize computers in calculating bills in supermarkets, withdrawal of money without necessarily visiting the banking hall, storage of essential data in hospitals and schools, among others.


Brief history of the development of computers

Abacus was the first computer that was developed in Asia Minor 5000 years ago. The device enables users make computation through the utilization of sliding beads assembled on a rack.Early traders utilized abacus in recording trading transactions. However, the emergence and spread of pencil and paper especially in Europe made abacus insignificant. The real computers were discovered in 1791 by a mathematics professor known as Charles Babbage. He was annoyed by numerous errors that he found while scrutinizing the Royal Astronomical Society calculations. In 1812, Babbage noticed a natural coherence between mathematics and machines. In this case, machines were able to carry out particular tasks without mistakes, whereas mathematics, especially the development of mathematical tables needed simple repetitive steps.  It was quite challenging in the application of machine’s ability to meet the needs of mathematics (lamorte& Lily, 2002).

In 1822, Babbage first attempted to solve the problem by proposing a machine known as Difference Engine, which would carry out differential equations. The machine utilized steam to perform calculations and reproduce the required results automatically. After utilizing the Difference Engine for ten years, Babbage invented a more sophisticated machine known as Analytical Engine. The machine had input devices that contained operating instructions and store, which would keep more than one thousand numbers. In 1930, another inventor known as Shannon Claudia came up with a rigorous theoretical framework, which would enable electronic circuit to be utilized as relays in solving logical problems.  His master’s thesis of 1937 acts as the basis for modern practical digital circuitry. In addition, Shannon’s 1948 paper is utilized in information coding, which is suitable in the transmission of files on the internet (lamorte& Lily, 2002).

Importance of computers in the modern world

Computers enable people live and compete with the ever changing world. In this case, people can use computers to exchange information regarding the latest development. An individual sitting in the living room can utilize a computer to obtain information regarding sports, politics, recent scientific innovations, and be able to conduct business transactions with people from other regions. In addition, computers enable artist advance their knowledge and innovativeness through creation of advanced realistic images. Musicians who are computer literate can create a number of voice compositions and playback a large number of different songs.

Nowadays, students especially in higher institutions obtain educational information via the internet. The utilization of video cameras, whiteboards and other essential tools has changed most classroom activities. Moreover, exam boards in most institutions are increasingly employing online testing and marking. Additionally, people can purchase any product via the internet. An individual can get a number of products online, and make a choice in response to the previous review and price. However, the increased uses of computers have resulted to an increased number of cyber criminals. Such malicious people can hack an organization’s system and access its confidential data (The teacher. Info LTD, 2011).

Computer is a significant discovery, which has changed the lifestyles of individuals in the modern era. In this case, computers play vital roles in shopping, banking, entertainment, travelling, education and provision of medical services.  In the near future, computers will beinevitable because technology is advancing rapidly.


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