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Writings of William Shakespeare

18 September 2014 By In Blogs

Just imagine yourself relaxing at home with a fine and captivating book that takes you through the ancient world of love and beauty. Reading serves as the perfect pass time that can help one get away from the harsh realities of the world. Many authors have written books, playwrights and poems to charm and beguile their readers. Many of them have left behind astounding pieces of literature work in their aftermath. One very famous author of history is William Shakespeare. A man who 400 years later is the most profound and respected authors   in the field of English literature.


The great era of Elizabeth between the 1500’s and 1600’s was one of the grandest period in the history of writers, poets and artists where some of them were lucky enough to get a chance to showcase their arts to the great queen Elizabeth of England.

A budding young man from a family with a background of farming and glove making never for a moment thought that some of his greatest  theatrical pieces of art would one-time turn into a classic in English literature.

It was during the renaissance period in the 1500’s that William Shakespeare was born. It is approximated that he was born on the 23rd of April 1564 (Frye, 1967). The baptism records have recorded “Guiliemus filius Johannes Shakespeare, which can be translated to mean “William, the son of john Shakespeare (Adams, 1923). William Shakespeare was the third amongst eight siblings born to Mary Arden and John Shakespeare. At seven years of age, William began attending the nearby local grammar school where he learnt the Greek and Latin languages. After grammar school, he never joined the university; instead he chose to leave for London (Brownfoot, 1998). He later married a young woman known as Ann Hathaway in the year 1582 with which he had three legitimate children, two daughters and a son.

As we all know, Shakespeare was an astounding author who changed and moulded the modern English language through his numerous, scripts, short stories and plays. He is recognized as one of the most intriguing, captivating and respected author who came up with a varied range of phrases, vocabularies as well as constructed hundreds if not thousands of concepts which are applied in the present English language.

Much of the credit is given to William Shakespeare for the major he played in developing the modern English language. Because of his revolutionary mind, he came up with over 25,000 English words made up from French, Latin and Greek languages. If it were not for him, the English language might never have been spoken today. William Shakespeare was fascinated by writing, and so he started writing scripts and poems at a very tender age.

The era of the renaissance created and carved up many poets, artists and playwrights equally as good, but they did not match the abounding proficiency of William Shakespeare. Some of these historic poets and artists were John Milton, who wrote an astounding piece of an epic poem known as Paradise Lost. Another great writer was Francis Beaumont who wrote a number of melodramatic plays like “The Kind of the Burning Pestle” , and not forgetting Edward Alleys, who narrated the “Tamburlaine and Doctor Faustus” (Mullan, 2002 ). The above named were some of the most popular and successful authors of those times.

William Shakespeare spent much of his grown up adult life writing poems and playwrights to become one of the legendary and most notable writers of Northern Renaissance. He was a member and co-owner of a company known as “Lord Chamberlain Men” which was made up by a number of actors whose main purpose was to entertain the royal queen Elizabeth of London.

William Shakespeare has a touching and flowing writing. In real life, he was a passionate and very emotional man. This gave him the ability to eloquently bring out the humanistic feelings. The author used over 20,000 various wordings during his career in writing. He was the genius of words. Everything he wrote about had life in it. Shakespeare was a terrific raconteur and, narrator and this could be seen through the kind of playwrights, poems and short stories he came up with. He told stories of every kind. Some had a touch of adventure, comedy, fairy tales, melodrama, history, tragedy and love fiction tales. Most of his stories were family inspired while some he just wrote out of pure enthusiasm to please the crowd.

William Shakespeare plays examined and scrutinized the natural characters of humans while his sonnets dealt with the beauty of humans as well as love. One surprising thing is that Shakespeare comfortably shifted between his styles of writing. At one time, he would write humorous pieces of art and the next he would shift to stories that have detailed tragedies and darkness.

Some of William Shakespeare’s renowned plays were Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, John Caesar and Hamlet. The playwright Hamlet was and still remains one of the most popular theatre pieces to have been written in the English language (Brownsfoot, 1998).  The script play demonstrates a hero’s conflict between moral uprightness and murder. In the play Julius Caesar, tragedy is also seen as the objective of the script. This popular theatrical script came to birth in the year 1599 and was also performed in the same year. It tells the political woes of Rome right after Julius Caesar was assassinated by Marcus Brutus. Another short play by William that details tragedy is Macbeth. This is one of Shakespeare’s shortest theatre scripts. It tells the story of Macbeth and how he and his wife killed the king of Scotland. The story ends in tragedy when Macbeth is killed by Macduff and his wife commits suicide (Brownfoot, 1998). One of Williams’s comedies is the theatrical script “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  This story is about how four actors had adventure and encounters with fairies. Another famous theatrical script is that of Romeo and Juliet, which is known for its romantic tragedies.

Unfortunately, William Shakespeare died on 25th March of 1616 under unclear circumstances. He was just fifty two years old, but the remarkable work he has done in carving the English language through theatrical pieces of art still remains lucid in the memories of many four hundred years later.  With over one fifty four sonnets and thirty seven theatrical plays, the author really cut a niche for himself. He has continued to live many in stitches caused by laughter. He has made many learn valuable lessons through his humorous and romantic writing. Shakespeare is still is one of the most intriguing playwrights to ever live in history.

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