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Decreased spending for national defense

19 September 2014 By In Blogs

National defense is an arm of the government whose mandate is to maintain peace through guarding thestate from both external and internal conflicts and it’s the most important part of the government. Majority of the states spent more than 20 percent of their budget on national defense (Plumber, 2013). Cutting ofdefense budget has dire consequences taking into account that the world is more dangerous than it was before.


This would mean buying fewer new combat platforms and upgrade of the existing ones would cease to exist (Bennett, 2013). This means investment programs in the defense department will be disrupted and with time it will cost the tax payer more to rectify contract breaches, to raise unit cost and delay delivery of important equipment.

The defense will be unable to accomplish some mission (Bennett, 2013). This is because the limited budget will cause cancellation of the purchased machinery which the state purchases annually and this will reduce the modernization of defense.  The training department would be affected in that the future generation equipment would not be purchased thus making the military to be dragged behind with the latest technology advancement thus making the state to be prone to attackers who have more advanced technology equipment.

According to McGarry (2014), decrease spending on national defense means limiting annual pay rise, reducing houDecreased spending for national defense can be disastroussing allowance and cutting off subsidies of the national defense team.  This will negatively affect the workers and will demoralize them as they carry on with their daily chores.

 taking into account the above discussed points. Any state which plans to cut down the budget has to consider various factors before coming up with a conclusion as it may have serious consequences to the whole state if a decision is made in a hurry or without considering various factors.

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You are here: Home Blog Decreased spending for national defense