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Understanding Psychology

19 September 2014 By In Blogs

Psychology is the scientific study of how persons getexperience through mental approach to come up with brilliant ideas and innovations. There is a lot of resistance on whether the subject should be included with science, technology, engineering and math in the same order so as they can get funding from federal programs aimed at supporting them (Davey, 2011). It is necessary to inform the community on the important role of psychology in other scientific fields, hence the need to be given priority.

Most individuals think of psychology as a link between soft and true sciences. It should be renamed the science of behavior so that individuals can internalize from an early age. The fact that coming up with mental ideas is more intuitive and does not require a lot of thinking as other scientific disciplines. This makes it difficult for policy makers to make it the same standards and funding (Bernstein, 2012). Emergence of other intellectual disciplines such as neuroscience and cognitive science increases the chances for the issue to be viewed as a science.

Psychology is integrated into training so that students learn how it plays a vital role behind the scenes to connect to the other sciences. Many health problems are as a result of behavioral changes. Pros and cons of how people perceive different aspects in life and the treatment granted to them are crucial in technology, science and health.

Schools should be encouraged to have a collaboration between psychology and other scientific disciplines. Interest in other disciplines makes students go out to discover the similarities between them. This enhances the grouping of psychology with other scientific disciplines together. The national science base should provide more funding for research and innovation in psychology (Tooby & Cosmides, 2005). It is necessary to increase funding for psychology as a science in the legislature. This can be realized by making sure that psychology should be deliberated as a matter of urgency in meetings and not as an add-on.

In conclusion, psychology is an important field as it enhances the understanding of the rest of the sciences. Students should recognize that psychology plays a crucial part to their brain development and encouraged to carry out more research on it.

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You are here: Home Blog Understanding Psychology