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Effects of Emigration

19 September 2014 By In Blogs

Emigration is the act of permanently settling in another country. An emigrant is the person who decides to move from one’s country and settles in another. There are many reasons why one may decide to move to another country like: for education purpose, for economic opportunity, employment, freedom, or in search of refuge. Emigration has both positive and negative effects on the emigrants and the host country. (Thomas & Wilks, 1990)

While emigration is supposed to be a positive effect to the emigrant, unfortunately, other people do not survive it. Most people expect to find good jobs in the new countries but due to discrimination, and inexperience, they find themselves unemployed. The emigrant ends up going back to their former countries or in poverty. In other cases, due to discrimination and unpopularity they face, they end up violated or killed. (Samuel & Conyers, 1986)

In a foreign country with no one to look after oneself or help you out is a bad experience to everyone. When an emigrant is faced with problems in a foreign land, one may lack someone to assist. The emigrants’ faces emotional and social challenges as they trying to mingle with people and make friends and try to deal with the cultural change.  If a person is not strong enough to withstand the pressure, one may end up going up to the homeland. (Samuel & Conyers, 1986)

Although emigrants are supposed to be legally registered in a host country, others don’t. Illegal emigration is a major problem in the world. Both illegal and legal Emigration may pose a security threat to a host country. On some occasions, some people who migrate to a country are enemies of the state like terrorists, or spies.  These people end up compromising the security of the country and the people in it. (Edmonston & Smith,1997 )

Urbanization is another negative effect that emigrants cause. When emigrants move to a country and lack employment, they tend to end up leaving in the slums. Development of slums is an effect to a country’s economic growth. The country will end up using most of its economic resources providing for the poor. (Edmonston & Smith,1997 )

In my opinion, most people hope for the best when they opt for migrate to a foreign land. The governments should intervene and assist the emigrants in all possible ways. The government should secure employments for the emigrants and offer them security. On the other hand, the emigration bodies should find means to deal with the illegal emigrants.

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