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Increase physical activity program

19 September 2014 By In Blogs


People living in a community have health challenges including obesity and heart disease due to the lifestyles they lead. For these people to maintain their health, they need to indulge in physical activities to reduce the risks. Therefore, it is ideal to have a wellness program that concentrates on increased physical activity for the community members to preventvariety of these healthy problems.

            In implementing an increased physical activity program, there are many cheap ways to get the community members moving. For example, there can be footpaths for the members to use when going to buy groceries rather than using their cars. This way, they burn their fats and not fuels thereby reducing the costs of life. Secondly, designating a physical activity venue is very important. For example, there can be a simple running track to provide an excellent opportunity for the community members to engage in physical exercise. Third, hosting a weekend group exercise for neighbors is very important. There could be few laps in the neighborhood during afternoons when everybody is through with the day’s work. This is important in meeting the daily exercise goal.  The neighborhood can be turned into an active campus. Additionally, there could be working out facilities like gyms in the neighborhood with sufficient parking facility for the community members. In such facilities there should be showering facilities (Kohll 2014).

To improve the program, there could be incentives for those community members willing to work out. People need to be encouraged into community walks. Different places within the community for physical exercise should be identified to serve the community. Additionally, the community should be taught about the importance of physical exercise to boost their will of participation (Anderson, Quinn, Glanz, Ramirez, Kahwati, Johnson, Buchanan, Archer, Chattopadhyay, Kalra &Katz 2009).

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