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For the traditional English Language pedagogical thinker in the West, the CLT method is perhaps an extreme take-over of the supposed primary, pivotal and thus essential facet of English Language teaching: Grammar.

Grammar is typically revered as the foundational basis and emphasis of English Language teaching. The CLT method directly challenges this premise by assuming that grammar can be 'captured' by the learner through acquired skills, such as conversation with a native-English speaker.  In this light, it is argued whether the CLT method is truly an approach, rather than a method (Belchamber, 2007).

The dynamics of implicit learning are complex in structure and in content. Each English Language learner bases his or her initial implicit understanding of the English language upon the implied aspects of the mother-tongue language. Through this development, clear linguistic distinctions of meaning and understanding of the English Language require clarification and re-iteration within the pedagogical practice by the teacher, to the learner. This is the in-depth task which the English Language Teacher should achieve through learned diligence, focus and understanding.

The CLT method is perhaps viewed by countless traditional pedagogical practitioners as a direct hijacking of the foundational principal and basis of English Language Education, namely, grammar. Nevertheless, the reality stands that an increasing number of students continue to benefit linguistically from the CLT method, particularly via English Language conversation. This is an actuality that cannot be denied.

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