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16 June 2015 In Blogs
Marriage is a crucial institution whose importance cut across all races and religion. It is not only considered as an avenue of ensuring cohesiveness and growth of the society, but in religion circles, it is viewed as a divine institution that was ordained by God. In the recent past, however, there has emerged calls from various people advocating for recognition of same-sex marriages. The appeal for acceptance of gay marriages is being made in the oblivion of the threat it poses to the society. Same gender marriages lack legitimacy since such marriages lack any religious foundation. They are also out to weaken the meaning and respect of the institution of marriage as well as resulting in a generation of children with confused understanding of gender-based roles.  
Firstly, same-sex marriage is not recognized by any religion on the planet or any culture. All religions view same-sex marriage as obscene since it is against the will of God. Gay marriages are unnatural acts that even animals are not known to do them. Allowing gay marriages will amount to an overturn of the principles of law where a moral wrong turns to a civil right. In the contrast, advocates of same-sex marriages argue that most religions are lessening their previously firm stand against same-sex marriages. Presently, these unions are seen as a lifestyle. Also, denying the same-gender couple right to marry has no legal backing. Discrimination of same-sex couples denies them their freedom of worship which is explicitly provided for by the law.  
Secondly, recognition of gay marriages will weaken the meaning and respect of the institution of marriage. If same-sex couples are accorded same privileges like medical decision-making capacity and joint ownership of property, marriage will start to lose its meaning. Marriage aim is not only meant to cater for emotional needs of the partners. The purpose of marriage extends to providing a serene environment for the growth of children by ensuring children grow under the care of a father and a mother. With gay marriages, such purpose will be lost. Conversely, supporters of gay marriages propose that all benefits enjoyed by legitimate couples should extend to the same-sex couple. Marriage is meant to cater for the emotional welfare of the couples and is not driven by children. Moreover, it is a personal decision, and one's decision should not be challenged because they deviate from what majority believe.
Finally, condoning same-sex marriage will breed a generation of children who do not clearly understand gender roles in the society. Children are supposed to learn gender roles from the society. A male child learns from his father that a father is supposed to protect the family.  A girl child learns by what a mother does by observing what her mother does. With same-sex marriage, this is not possible and the children they bring up will be confusing these roles. In the contrast, same-sex marriage advocates suggest that marriage is a personal commitment that societal expectations should not put heavy expectations on it. They feel that what society wants should not dictate what a person decides to do or not.
Based on the religious view, the purpose of marriage, and desire to bring up children who understand gender-based roles, gay marriages should not be allowed. If the entire purpose of marriage is to be retained, it is apparent that same-sex marriages need not to be there. It is a type of marriage that aims at addressing personal desires with no regard for the effects it will have on the future generation. 


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You are here: Home Blog Displaying items by tag: Gay Marriage