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Sample Medical School Admission Essay


        Sample Medical School Admission Essay Prompt: Why do you want to study Medicine?

         At the age of thirteen, my mother and I were involved in a grisly accident. A drunk truck driver knocked the car we were traveling in from school. I can hardly recollect the scenes, but I remember the paramedic who took me from the scene to the hospital. He was with me in the hospital for the six weeks I was there. While at the hospital, I got to know at personal level several nurses and doctors who were taking care of me. They were so caring that there is no single day I felt sad about my condition. I was only anxious. My family members were more fearful than I was. I trusted my doctors and had created a bond with them. I knew they would take me through my pain successfully.

         I am now 25 years old. I fear sickness and death more than I did when I was a child. My childhood memories sparked in me an interest in pediatric care. I realized that it is related to our emotional and psychological support for kids, especially those facing health problems. It was from experience as a child that I developed an interest in becoming a pediatric surgeon. My doctors made me realize how medicine's power and compassion can bring people together in the most unlikely way.

         Furthermore, while I was an undergraduate, one of my professors asked me to help him conduct a study on how children process and experience the fear and the prospect of death. I was honored to take part in this project being that it came at an early stage of my career. It was also humbling that the professor had a background in anthropology rather than medicine. The study revealed that children and adults had different ways of facing sickness and death. We found that children, when in fatal conditions, are aware even before an adult explained it to them. They are also more willing to fight their illnesses and to accept any potential fate that might come along the way. On the other hand, adults who were facing similar conditions had opposite thoughts to what children had. This discovery brought many questions that I would like to pursue further during my medical career. One of them was how to treat the different approaches children and adults had regarding sickness and death. I discovered that more research is necessary in the intersection of medicine, socialization and psychology.

         There has been a lot of progress in this area over the last few years. However, there is still a tendency to administer the same kind of treatment for diseases without considering who the patient is. It is becoming a common knowledge that drugs and procedures are not universally effective. We must not only alter patients depending on these social and cultural factors, we should also change our entire psychological and emotional approach to them as well.

        It is for these reasons that I want to join the London School of Medicine because it is a leading provider for pediatric care training in Europe.  It also boasts researchers who have a great interest in studying generational, social, and cultural questions in which I am keenly interested. Being a psychology student, I plan to have a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of medicine. I hope this will prepare me to offer the kind of extraordinary care I received as a child to my future patients.

        The devastating car accident has turned out to be my most inspirational moments in life. I am driven and passionate about my dream for suffering children. I am, therefore, ready to take on one of the most challenging programs in the academic arena so that I can achieve this dream.

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