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How To Be A Good Writer

       how to be a good writer   A piece of writing unless written well, will not communicate the intended idea. However, bad writing can be improved easily if the writer pays attention to detail and is willing to learn. Writing is a form of expression and therefore should always express the intended message.




         To begin with the writer should start with the question “why am I writing?” Because more often than not, most writers do not know why they took up writing in the first place. The answer to thing question brings with it ideas,m meditate on those ideas and you will have a great story to tell or essay to write. The question also paves way to a stream of thoughts that will provide material for your next writing.

         Begin your piece of writing with a story. This story will help you as a writer express your point of view in a precise manner as you already have a reference tool. The story could be factual or fictional but it is what you will capture the attention of you readers with. It will also make your work memorable hence can be rewritten.

         If you are a struggling writer, the television should become your enemy for it clouds your creativity. Television mostly deals with the real world with is obvious, books on the other hand introduce the writer to the life of imagination. Reading should be as much as one can as the  reading  causes the writer to redefine their own work.

         A good writer should use all the three person narratives at some point in their career. The first-person narrative which is from the “I” perspective introduces the writer to the reader. Second person “you” empathizes with the reader and the third person writes from an anonymous point of view.  The first-person can be easier to communicate with, but as a writer you should not only confine yourself to only your experiences but should include others too.

         Write on an area you are most comfortable with. One of the reasons why writers get stuck is that they write a piece having not researched, hence have very little information at hand. Research could take various forms for example, a chat with a friend on the topic you intend to write on or asking random people about their views on the same. These findings will help your original piece plus will also boost your confidence in writing.

         Writing should start as a grown interest which should be personal therefore one should not waste time trying to please everyone  in one article. Write what brings you joy and fulfillment and let those two things act as your inspiration and motivation. Find a subject that means a lot to you and write it so well that as a result it means just as much to your readers.

         In conclusion good writer should:

  • minimize on television and maximize on reading.
  • Always start with a question.
  • Write about things that are familiar.


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