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Semiotic Analysis of Advertisement

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In real life situation people often get attentive to information that contains pictures. However, in order to efficiently convey a message to the public, pictorial aspect of information should be taken into consideration for effective communication or the targeted group so that the main ideological perception of the advertisement would be accomplished, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The advertisement below denotes the meaning of a poster, just as indicated by the number of perfume bottles do the people as well signify.  The Semiotic Analysis paper will be based on the advert “DOLCE & GABBANATHE ONE.”


Fig. 1. Dolce and Gabbana (Scarlett Johansson & Matthew McConaughey). Retrieved from:, on 5th April, 2014.


The man in the picture communicates a lot to the public especially ladies while the lady in the picture speaks loudly to men as far as business and advertisement is concerned. In fact the couples and two bottles of perfume denotes that both men and women would benefit from the use of the “DOLCE & GABBANATHE ONE” perfumes. Every person would be pleased to feel the fragrance from the perfumes; being polite and concerned, as depicted by the couples, the advertisement could be aiming at the rich members of the society (Belk, 2007). The class of users also could be set by the involvement of both male and female in the picture, which represents a working class from the look especially the young adults who are extremely sensitive to communication and lifestyle issues (Vellnagel, 2011).  

The picturesque symbolize a humane bond between the lovers in the picture. However, it is prudent to reiterate that feminine aspects of advertisement are often perceived to show nudity, this may not be the case in the picture/ advertisement on perfumes (MacRury, 2009). But, it is vivid that the lady in the picture is loyal to the man, cool and focused, with perception and desire to stay together. The picture clearly depicts the same. She embraces the support from the man who plays a great role in modelling and mentoring her life; when the lady allowed a man to lean on her it implies that she is willing to endure both benefits and challenges that they  may face as a couple within the world (CHAN, 2010).  In addition, it could also be stated that the perfume could be purposefully aimed at doing away with the odour which often make it impossible for both men and women to closely interact especially after a heavy days’ work full of perspiration (Vellnagel, 2011).

The perfume will however restore confidence and enhance interact-ability between people irrespective of the work they do, leading to heightened rate of social interaction. The man being viewed as a pillar of hope, performs much heavy duties that require energy, hence the perfume belonging to a man could be rated to be of higher volume comparatively (Terence, 2013). The lady in the advertisement is proud of the kind of man that she is either married to or in courtship with; it is presumable that the relaxed couples would prosper in their quest to stay together as a family (MacRury, 2009)

The faces of the two in the picture depict relaxed, jovial and welcoming impression; this is an indication that they share one thing in common. They are either engaged couples, dating or already married to each other (Vellnagel, 2011). The lady, according to the picture is dressed in her official outfit that resembles the man’s clothing in one way or the other. Having ear rings with love symbols indicate that they were well prepared prior to taking the picture (CHAN, 2010). If the two would be approached from a distance, it would be evident that they stay in the same room; the couple seems to be closely associated and as well passionate about shared responsibilities (CHAN, 2010).

The couple engaged each other in open learning environment, they are curious of situations that could be seen from within the vicinity as showcased by the tip of the finger. The two demonstrate close proximity with each other as if they had realized an important fact from the vicinity with hopes of completely learning something from new (CHAN, 2010). The male couple is dressed in black with white shirt and feminine attire that conform to fashioned order for the day and occasion. On the other hand, the issue of the perfume could be adequate evidence that depicts dedication to the couple “DOLCE & GABBANATHE ONE(Vellnagel, 2011).

The bottled liquid (perfume) speaks for itself, having being placed next to couples who ought to have, or would experience some kind of freshness. Just as it could be possible to look through the bottles and derive a perception of the content (MacRury, 2009). The perceived couples are struggling to display how the products suites a family like set up, both men and women considered in the making of the perfumes by the company, and other people of their calibre could not be left out. The classy bottled perfumes depict how organized the couples are in terms of acquisition and possessive implication in reality (MacRury, 2009).


According to the picture, the main focus is based on perfumes. This can be identified through the colour codes, the couples as human beings are supposed to be either black or coloured. However, the picture is in black and white, meaning that the real colour of the people on the left side of the picture, the background as well do not depict and/ or the features of a still picture (MacRury, 2009). This implies that the advert is formulated to portray a spectacular feature.  It is skilful to restate that perfumes being the only coloured objects, the advertisement aims at promoting the sensitization of the public towards the  “DOLCE & GABBANATHE ONE (Vellnagel, 2011)

The advertisement is made up of pictures taken at different instances and integrated into one billboard advert through Microsoft programs. For example pictures of the couples and perfumes are hanging baseless in the advert, balanced to cover the whole billboard. In the in depth analysis of the advert, the connection between the pictures indicate that when an individual who uses the “DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE” perfume can traverse long distance but the fragrance would still be felt.  This implies that the perfumes have long lasting fragrance. In addition, being in official or office wear is a reminiscent that the perfume could be used in an office environment (Terence, 2013).


The advertisement and the perfumes within it, share the same name “DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE.” It is supposedly that the name reflects the man and the lady pictured on the same advert (Terence Shimp, 2013). To the esteemed clients and customers who could be interested in using the perfumes from the company, the naming was a great way of deriving a convincing approach since it denotes a correlation between the product and human beings who are the product consumers (Terence, 2013).

However, the personalities presented in the picture portray quality traits that everybody would like to associate with (Terence, 2013). For instance, the age correspond to the population that could be targeted by the company that makes the perfumes showcased in the picture. When a larger group of customers especially the youths and young adults realize such advertisements they are often influenced and forcefully engaged into the acquisition of the same, some of their peers may opt for buying for them the first products  so that they could be influenced in the use of the products (Belk, 2007).

 The One

Despite the difference in size of the perfume bottles, the content colour and the lids, the two products that suites male and female respectively could be obtained from the same company.  This makes it prudent to state that the products are one (MacRury, 2009). On the other hand, the names indicated on the bottles, the advertising and the name of the couples in the picture are the same; the ideological concept behind the ideas was to showcase that the couple could not only be used in the advert but in reality they live together as one (CHAN, 2010). Finally, it is considerate to envisage that the advertisement entails the couples, perfumes and the geographic location brought together as aspects of effective use of the perfumes. This is the main target of the whole advert; illustrated by coloured picture in the whole advert billboard (Vellnagel, 2011).


Advert entails a lot of information that could be rated differently according to the prevailing conditions and the products and services that need to be exhibited. But in reality advertising perfume could be easier especially considering the advert that showcased a man and a lady being used for advertisement on numerous perfume products and brands. The advert was made through creativity, with each product captured separately and integrated through Microsoft software programs. The couple derived lots of pleasure on being used in advertisement. But in reality, the beauty is in the beholder’s eyes, while a picture a also speaks a thousand words; likewise to the company that sales the perfumes. However, they get involved into the company affairs in order to increase sales and the general organizational goals, aims and objectives of enhancing production due to better sales output subjective of euphoric and peer pressure. Generally, it is perceived that it could be derived from adoption of straight pictures in accordance with the requirements of the targeted class and personality in the quest to satisfactorily achieve predetermined targets.















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