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Management with Work Placement: A Case Study of Flexistay Tooting Aparthotels

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The 21st century has come with it a new workplace, one in which anyone must acclimatize to a rapidly changing society with persistently shifting opportunities and demands. Economies have been globalized and is driven by technology and innovations, and organizations are transforming themselves to serve and adhere to new customer expectations. The economy of today presents challenging opportunities and dramatic uncertainty (Uslay et al., 2008). The new economy has become performance driven and knowledge based. The management has to address critical issues such as employees’ respect, participation, teamwork, empowerment, and self-management (Grant, 2008). These issues also posit challenges necessitating the need of a leader or manager who can guide the organization through turbulence. Managers require certain skills in performing the challenging duties associated with management. Robert Katz in his research in the early 1970s found that managers require three essential skills: technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills (Jobber, 2007). Technical skills are job-specific techniques and knowledge needed to proficiently do specific tasks: human skills are the abilities to work well and be in peaceful coexistence with other people: and conceptual skills are the abilities to conceptualize and think about complex and abstract situations (Jobber, 2007). These skills reflect the wide cross-section of important managerial activities and duties required in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Hospitality and accommodation industry has significant changes both in the internal and external environments such as corporate ethics scandals, security threats, technological advancements, and global political and economic uncertainties having a great impact on the manager’s job (Grant, 2008). In addition, two significant challenges facing managers of toady are the importance of customers and innovations to the manager’s job (Uslay et al., 2008). Flexistay Ltd is an organization having aparthotels and serviced apartments in London offering convenient and cost-effective accommodation to its customers. In my sixth months’ work placement working as an area manager in one of the organization’s branches known as Tooting, I have been taking care of six different apartholes having one Level 2 housekeeper and two Level 3 housekeepers reporting to me as I do my final reporting to the chief executive officer (C.E.O). To this effect, this paper has been divided into two parts. The first part form a consultant point of view, analyses the current financial, operational, and strategic status of company, followed by recommendations on how Flexistay can improve its performance. The second part gives a detailed overview of how I have developed as a professional practitioner as result of undergoing the work placement and the management masters program in general.

Part One

Diagnosis and analysis of Flexistay Ltd and its current operating, financial, marketing, sales, and business strategy.


Slack and Lewis (2001) define operations strategy as “the total pattern of decisions which shape the long-term capabilities of any type of operations and their contribution to the overall strategy through the reconciliation of market requirements with operations resources” (p.24). Flexistay Ltd as a service delivery organization has its operations strategy as guided by the operations model which posits that an organization should be having various system components hat ensure organizational performance (Jobber, 2007). The unique aparthotel concept makes Flexistay Tooting a distinctive destination choice for individuals in need of short-term accommodation. The Aparthotel provides a remarkable blend of hotel benefits with a serene and homely atmosphere. In addition, the Flexistay Tooting aparthotel offers the perfect solution for people requiring accommodation for a week or longer like business travelers who are relocating to UK and require until they have the ability of properly settling down. Flexistay also prides itself in offering excellent, clean, well-presented, and modern accommodation in London. The bedroom facilities such as satellite TV, ironing board, coffee and tea facilities, chair, desk, electric heating, hairdryer, towels, and bed linen are fantastic and changed daily to provide comfort to customers (Flexistay, 2014). All these aspects, from the operations strategy of Flexistay Tooting. Currently, Flexistay operations strategy involves all services required within the accommodation and hospitality industry making it to be liked by many customers.


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