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Classic English Literature-James Salli

James Sallis in his 2005 novel, “Drive,” details a story about a man who is only known by the name Driver. Set in Los Angeles, Driver is a Hollywood stunt driver during the day and a criminals’ getaway driver at night. Driver follows a strict code of, “I drive. That’s what I do. All I do,” which makes him only a driver. However, after a robbery that goes wrong, Driver’s character takes a drastic turn compelling him to be a killer. In his book, Sallis portrays destiny through Drive’s life events. Driver’s acquaintances in thepast as well as his night duties gradually shift his destiny towards crime.


            Driver meets Standard, a life-long robber, and his wife Irina when the two move into his neighborhood. As Driver starts his careers, he is caught up in a robbery incident involving Standard. Although it does not go along with his career, Driver has to protect Standard, Irina and their son from any subsequent harm. In addition, both hate their current jobs necessitating the need for protection. As Driver’s involvement with Standard continues, he increases his participation in robberies, and his destiny heads towards crime. Driver also makes promises to Standard to protect Irina forcing him to continue with criminal activities, something he never thought of at the start of his career.

            Destiny is also portrayed in Driver’s involvement with criminals as their getaway driver. Though he considers himself only as a driver, he is a criminal according to the law. Driver did not envision himself as criminal when he started his career. When a robbery heist goes wrong, a shoot-out erupts and everyone runs for their life. The group is later targeted forcing Driver to kill for survival. His destiny changes from a driver to a cold blood killer who does so to survive.



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You are here: Home Resources Samples Classic English Literature-James Salli