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Sample Service Industry Business Plan

 sample service industry business plan

  1. 0Executive Summary

         Hesaphin Motors is a family-owned business located in Juneau, Alaska. The company has been under the ownership the Trump family since 1999. The business, which started as a single motor repair shop has grown immensely into three other locations and now deals with mechanical and body repairs, washing, vehicle towing and storage. The company recently started selling used cars.

         This business plan outlines the effects of adding a company website. We intend to use it as an additional customer care and sales element for all our services. It will contain information on our garages, staff, offers, location, and expert tips.

         We currently use phones and face-to-face modes of interaction to reach out to our customers that have been excellent so far. The website will add to the vibrant communication strategy and ensure the active interaction with our clients continues.

         It will make it easier to get referrals who will visit our website once our existing customers direct them. The new clients will, therefore, have some knowledge of the company long before visiting our garage.

         We will include a section that will be exclusively for tips and advice to our customers and visitors to our website. We have built alliances with various car experts who will be helping us in this section.


  1. 1Mission

         Hesaphin Motors is a leader in providing excellent automotive services to its customers, whether they need a contract major body work, a used car or car-wash.


  1. 2Keys to Success

         The following will be the keys to the success of our website:

  • We will compile a comprehensive FAQ section that will help the customers get most of the answers to their problems. It will be helpful in keeping them hooked to our website anytime they experience a problem with their cars.
  • We will have a section where experts will be giving advices on issues that are not in the FAQ section. They will also respond to questions raised promptly.
  • We will ensure that the local businesses and existing customers are aware of the website's existence and urge them to visit and recommend it to others.


  1. 3Objectives

         As we enter this new marketing paradigm, our goals are:

  • To generate traffic into our website and to our garages.
  • To expand Hesaphin's customer base.
  • To give the customers useful tips and expert advice.
  • To allow easy bookings for repairs and other services.


  1. 0Company Summary

         Hesaphin Motors is a family-owned business located in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. The company has been under the ownership the Trump family since 1999. The business, which started as a single motor repair shop has grown immensely into three other locations and now deals with mechanical and body repairs, washing, vehicle towing and storage. The company recently opened sales for used cars.


  1. 1Company History.

         Hesaphin Motors has been improving since 1999. Our annual net profits for the last two years have exceeded $ 40,000. Last year, we increased our budget for marketing and realized an increase in sales. We will use a portion of the profit to acquire an online presence through the creation of a website. We hope to increase our sales further through this initiative.


  1. 0Products and Services

         Hesaphin Motors offers mechanical and body repairs, washing, vehicle towing and storage. Late last year, the company also ventured into the sale of used cars.


  1. 0Market Analysis Summary

         Hesaphin targets all or most of the following market segments:

  • Those who own old luxury cars.
  • Those who own sports cars.
  • Buyers and owners of new cars.
  • People who have owned cars for a long time.


  1. 1Market Segmentation

         Hesaphin Motors determines its customers by the type of car they own. Our segmentation method follows the belief that the kind of car a person drives determine his requirements.

  • The owners of new cars are likely to return their cars to the dealers in case they experience problems. They are, therefore, not likely to use our garages for repairs. They will, however, bring their cars for valet and wash services.  We will seek to have them as regular customers of the two services and later repair their cars when their warranties run out.
  • For the owners of old luxury cars who want to keep themselves comfortable while driving, we offer the best services that would keep their cars in the best conditions. This category also has buyers of second-hand cars who want to experience maximum reliability. They rely on our garage for regular services.
  • For the owners of sports cars, who are usually young or of middle age, performance and appearance of their cars is a priority. They will always seek quick repairs in case of any minor accident. These car-owners also come to our garages for regular tune-ups and cleaning services.
  • Another segment consists of those who have had their cars for over five years. They have developed an attachment to their cars for trusted services over the years. They bring these cars for regular repairs and valets.
  • For the buyers of new and used cars, we provide useful links and tips on what to look for in a car. We also sell used cars that they can acquire and get free services for the initial six months.


  1. 2Target Market Segment Strategy

         We are targeting owners of cars that need close maintenance and older cars. We are seeking to add this to our range of services to increase our revenue base.


  1. 3Service Business Analysis

         The car repair industry currently consists of fragments. In each area, there is a dominant dealer targeting the new car owners and buyers of used cars. There are also several small garage and repair shops that get new customers out of emergency repair needs. We belong to this category. We rely on our existing customers for referrals through word of mouth.


  1. 4Competition and Buying Patterns

         We have been in the in the business for more than ten years, earning a spot as the leader in car repair services. Word of mouth has been a useful tool. Our loyal customers and strategic location of our business have also helped us attain this feat.

         However, competition is getting stiffer. Most car manufacturers now encourage their customers to service the cars at franchised dealers. Our competitive edge remains our fair pricing, dependable services, and a loyal customer base.


  1. 0Strategy and Implementation Summary

         We have set a limited budget for the development of the website. We do not intend to use an aggressive marketing strategy to increase traffic into it but will use viral and grassroots marketing to let people know about it. Our business also covers a narrow geographical area hence no need to have large-scale marketing and advertising.

         We will rely on our staff, customers, and neighboring businesses to help popularize our website.


  1. 1Competitive Edge

         Our competitive advantages as we give our services an online presence are that:

  • The website will provide quick solutions to the locals of Juneau, who own cars or are planning to buy.
  • The company prides itself in over ten years of automobile services.
  • We already have other communication strategies that have proven effective in attracting clients. The website will reach more people within a short time.

         Moreover, by having an active website, we will be steps ahead of the local automobile garages. We will be able to arrange bookings with our customers early enough and agree on a suitable schedule and pricing. Through it, we will improve the quality of the services we offer by knowing what the clients need in prior.


  1. 2Marketing Strategy

         We will target all the groups outlined in the market segmentation section. We will dedicate each of them a section of our website to address their unique needs.

         Top on our marketing strategy is the use of stickers that we will put on our customers' back windscreens. We will enter a special agreement with them regarding this. We also intend to have fliers that we will mail to the nearby businesses and homes. In the fliers, we will include an offer of 15% off for new customers who visit our garage after looking at our website.


  1. 3Sales Strategy

         Hesaphin Motors have trained employees who ensure that our clients always leave smiling. We have a customer service team that is always ready to respond to questions promptly. Our facilities have an ample parking space and an attractive car wash. You can park your car for free for thirty minutes as you look around for what suits your car.


  1. 0Web Plan Summary

         Hesaphin Motors majority shareholder Henry Trump has been the champion of developing a website for our company. Besides his vast experience in automotive engineering, he is technology-savvy and is committed to seeing the idea come to fruition. He will work with Samuel Trump, who will help in design, creation and maintenance of the site. Henry will also handle the monthly promotions and FAQ sections of the website.

         Phill and Samuel will generate content for the website on weekly basis. They will also compile various typical car problems and the corresponding tips.


  1. 1Website Demographic Strategy

         Our website will focus on all the target market segments except the lifetime car-owners. The category consist of people who may not be connected to the internet at all. We will also target the locals who may wish to buy used cars. The website will also give them information on cars and what they need to look for when they want to buy cars.


  1. 1Website Marketing Strategy

         We hope to achieve these two goals through this new paradigm:

  • To give our customers (existing and potential) information about their cars and those they intend to buy. We will achieve this by dedicating the FAQ, expert and typical problem sections for their reference.
  • To improve the service experience and customer care by enabling an online booking service. The clients will plan their time and money as they come to our garage. The website will also have a database of the clients' cars and their service records.

         Some of the major sections of the site will be:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers.
  • Experts Section with useful tips.
  • A complete guide to buying a car.
  • Car reviews, for new and used cars.



  1. 2Strategic Alliances

         Hesaphin Motors will rely on Samuel's experience and connections to get into alliances with web companies that will seek to improve our visibility online. We are in talks to interlink our site to those of other local businesses. We hope this will increase traffic to our site.


  1. 3Business Model

         We are building the website to increase our clients' satisfaction rates. An improvement in our services will also see our customer retention rate rise by 20%. We also aim to convince the local customers to have Hesaphin's services over the rest. When successfully launched, the website will improve our overall sales by 15% in the next year.


  1. 4Site Positioning

            Our website will give the clients, especially the owners of sports car tips on how to keep their vehicles in top performing conditions.  The tips will be in such a way that the car-owners can follow the procedures and do themselves. We will provide competitive prices to the sports car owners in case they come for full services.

         Hesaphin Motors' website will provide an interaction platform for the clients who value personal service on their cars. They will use the site to engage the garage and specify their needs. We will focus on all both new and old cars and provide the owners with useful information about their cars.

         We will give buyers a comprehensive information about a range of cars and what they need to look out for when buying a new or used car. The website will provide links to other useful resources that the buyers can view and make informed decisions before splashing the cash on a car. When they visit our website, the potential car owner will be saving time and money.


  1. 5Development Requirements
  • Outline: HTML, ColdFusion, and CSS3 will be the technologies for designing the website.
  • Home-page: Will contain information about the company, location, contact information, staff, links to other websites, and pictures of our services and clients.
  • Section one-FAQ: It will begin with a search. The links to other sites will migrate to the bottom of the page. The section will have a portion for the experts to give tips on various questions and typical car problems.
  • Section two- Bookings: Will begin by displaying available dates. The clients will then browse and pick a date that suits their schedules before confirming the booking.
  • The fist page will also contain a summarized information for those buying or selling cars.


Technical Specifications

         On the front end, the website will have a simple but professional user interface. There will be a minimum use of graphics to enable quicker downloads. We will organize the information in such a way that navigation will be easier for users.

         The user interface will be helpful in the following areas:

  • To allow fast and easy navigation of the website.
  • To attract users back after the first visit.
  • To comprehensively display content in a clear and simple way.
  • To allow the users to interact with our team.

         The back end of the site will be simple, allowing the users to send questions or requests for information. The client will either send an appointment request for cleaning, valeting and repair services or ask questions about any problems they are having with their cars.

         The company will hire a web developer who will work alongside Samuel Trump to ensure all the functionalities are in place.


         Resource Requirements

         The company will hire a web developer, who will help in building the website. We will also hire a secretary with stellar writing skills to help in putting all the information together. The company's co-owners have a combined experience of 40 years in diverse fields and will be instrumental in coming up with the content for the site.


         Future Development

         Once the website is operational, it will be tested and assessed by our experts before making improvements. Once the website is well-established, we will use our experience in e-commerce to improve on our sales by making our sales services online.


  1. 0Management Summary

         Hesaphin Motors is a family-owned business, each of the family members employed oversees the operations in an area of their expertise and talents.

         Henry Trump, who is the majority shareholder, is the chief executive officer of the company. He earned his associates degree in Automotive Engineering from the Griffins College and has worked for four different companies on senior roles. He has also completed various management courses and is one of the founding members of Hesaphin. He oversees the day-to-day running of the business.

         Samuel Trump is the head of Information Technology and Advertising. He has Masters in Software Engineering from the University of Athens and has over ten years experience as an IT specialist. He is also in charge of personnel training. He is spearheading the development of the company's website.

         Phill Trump is the head of mechanics. He has over eight years as an automotive engineer. He earned his degree from the Griffins College in 1995. He is in charge of operations in the mechanical department and will work with Samuel in putting together the content for the website.

         Mariana Trump handles all the company's finances and the payment of employees' salaries and filing taxes. She is an experienced accountant having worked for major multinationals like Coca-Cola in senior positions. She holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree from the University of Newcastle.


  1. 1Personnel Plan

         Hesaphin Motors currently has twelve full-time employees in the mechanics department and another six in the car wash, valet and sales services. If the website improves our sales, we will add three more information technology experts to help with the maintenance of the site.




  1. 1Website Costs

         The company will spend $20,000 on developing and regularly maintaining the website. For future improvements, we will use a similar amount after an assessment of the impact of the site on our sales.

         Hesaphin Motors will have a slightly lower cost/price spread for the web-related sales, we will, however, include coupons and discounts once the website is active. We will cover these costs with the budget set and more should there be a need.


  1. 2Website Revenues

         We anticipate that our sales will increase by 15% once we are online. We have compiled reports from the neighboring businesses that had in the past adopted the online sales strategy.


         8.3 Projected Cash Flow

         Hesaphin Motors is currently in a strong cash position and can afford the website development costs and expenses.


  1. 4Risks and Assumptions

         The risks with our new website are:

  • People will get a lot of useful information from different places that they may choose to implement on their own.
  • The locals may think Hesaphin as a small garage and might not have all the car information they need.
  • Car manufacturers are encouraging buyers to opt for franchised dealerships for repair services.

         The assumptions made are:

  • The website will get proper support and provide quick updates and answers to the users.
  • The interactions will be lively, and responses to emails timely.
  • That the employees, especially at the garage will be aware of the information on the website and ready to help our clients at any moment.


  1. 5Contingency Plan

         At the moment, a contingency plan is not of great concern to the company. We expect that the integration between the website and Hesaphin Motors will be minimal. If we are not able to realize the projected results, it will remain in place just to inform prospective customers about the company; opening hours, location, and the services offered.

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