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How to write a resume

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                       A resume is a concise summary of a person's background, educational and professional. It is a formal document How to write resumeusually sent together with a job application letter and thus should not be used to tell one's life history. Ideally, a resume should be two or three pages in which a person is expected prove to be the best for a position. An employer uses a resume get full information about a potential employee and therefore however qualified one is a good resume is an indispensable tool for any job.

A resume is, therefore, an important document that should be given a lot of interest while writing. A poorly written resume is likely to disqualify you before even presenting yourself for an interview. Even though one would want to write their resume in a way they prefer, there are guidelines that could help save you the massive errors.

First impression is very important when writing a resume. It takes seconds for a potential employer to decide whether an individual qualifies for a job or not. The way you present yourself in your resume  says a lot about your personality. Organize your resume to be as easy to read as possible, leave a lot of space as this will make reading your resume less tedious. So an employer is likely to throw away your resume even before reading it if it does not please him. Your correct contact information should be at the top.

Objectives and qualifications. Detail your career objectives clearly reflecting the position. Your objectives should be reasonable enough. Do not write what you are incapable of achieving to pass an interview. Use this part to convince the employer why you are best fit for this position.

Your job history. Give a brief explanation of job experience starting with your latest or last job and moving in a descending order. While giving this information ensure you give the duration you were employed in the companies or the organizations clearly stating your roles and achievements. List all the related skills that you possess that you feel would be an asset in the position. In this section, be creative and use action words to describe your experiences. Words such as advised, analyzed, administered add weight to your experience.

Tailor your resume to fit the advertised position. A resume is not a one-fit-all kind of document, this is an important document that calls for creativity and seriousness. Do not use one resume in all your applications, it will not work for you. A resume for a bank job will not get you a job as an editor.  So for every job, make your resume reflect your qualifications. Always proofread and edit your resume after writing a draft.

As you prepare this important document, have in mind the following key points:

  • Organize your resume.
  • Be simple and clear.
  • Edit your resume.
  • Include correct contact information.
  • Give reasonable objectives that match your qualifications.
  • Use action words when describing your experience.
  • Tailor your resume to suit the position.


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You are here: Home Tips How to write a resume